Monday, 4 November 2013

Vitality porridge of great value

Vitality porridge of great value

It activates the vitality and strengthens the physical strength, releases fatigue and raises the hematosis to raise immunocompetence. It improves the body’s functions, prevents allergy and prevents the aging.

Materials(for 4 people) | food ingredients : 7.05oz of raw rice, 3.53oz of beef, 0.71oz of cut garlic, 1800cc of water
Medicinal ingredients : 1.76oz of ginseng, 0.35oz of antler, 0.18oz of Chinese matrimony vine

Methods of cooking :
1. All ingredients are handled cleanly and prepared.
2. The prepared ingredients are put into the inner pot, and water is poured.
3. It is closed with the inner lid, and the body and the pressure lid is joined.
4. Choose the menu <nutritional porridge> and press the <start> button.

Note !
* The raw rice does not need to be soaked into water and is put into with all the other ingredients.
* Depending on the symbols salt can be added.

Tip :
The ginseng is good for the lungs and protects the spleen. It strengthens the heart and stabilizes the mind to help mental capacity and produce resin.
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