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Cirsium setidens rice

Cirsium setidens rice

It is good for hemorrhage, jaundice hepatits and liver diseases. It is good for edema, and discharges the pesticides and the heavy metal ingredients accumulated in our body. It has low calories which are good for diet use. Also it is helpful for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, glycosuria, geriatric diseases and blood circulation.

Materials(for 4 people) | food ingredients : 17.64oz of raw rice, 1.76oz of cirsium setidens (dried), 800cc of water
Medicinal ingredients : 5 jujubes (without seeds)
Dressing sauce : 3 big spoons of soy sauce, 2 big spoons of nicely aged soy sauce, 1 big spoon of cut spring onion, 1 small spoon of cut garlic, 1 big spoon of sesame oil, 1 big spoon of powdered sesame and salt, 1/2 big spoon of powdered pepper, 1 big spoon of oligosaccharide

Methods of cooking :
1. All ingredients are handled cleanly and prepared.
2. The prepared ingredients are put into the inner pot, and water is poured.
3. It is closed with the inner lid, and the body and the pressure lid is joined.
4. Choose the menu <Nutritional rice> and press the <start> button.
5. When it is complete mix it well up and down and serve.

Note !
* Make the dressing sauce and depending on the symbols add the sauce and mix it to take it.
* Cover the cirsium setidens under the pot, put the jujube and the rice on top and pour water to cook.

Tip :
The cirsium setidens is efficient for stopping of bleeding, recovery from inflammation, detoxication, tumor recoveries, removal of fever, etc. It has a big volume, a soft and plain taste with strong aroma good to chew. Therefore it is combined with rice to bring diets by intaking less rice, and jujube is combined to remove the bitter taste of cirsium setidens.
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