Vitality porridge of great value

The ginseng is good for the lungs and protects the spleen. It strengthens the heart and stabilizes the mind to help mental capacity and produce resin.

Acanthopanax senticossus chicken porridge

It eliminates the phlegm and asthma caused by weak lungs and spleen, and is helpful for loss of appetite.

Pine nut and jujube porridge

It is good for dry feces and constipation and for people who have adiponectin. It prevents aging and makes skin look glossy.

Sea cucumber Soup

It strengthens the body and the kidneys, it protects the lifeblood and controls the period of women. So it is very helpful for a fetus to grow, and prevents the aging.

Samulchogyu soup

It has the efficacy of protecting the blood, and is hepful for women with pale faces, who lack blood and has anemia, especially women who have a weak body, no energy, and pain on the underbelly.

Gwibe chicken soup

It is good for weak people that suffer from insomnia, for people having hearts palpitating excessively, dreaming too much, and feeling insecure.

Chinese matrimony vine ginseng eel soup

It brings energy and enhances the blood to bring an active metabolism and a clean skin. It has a high nutritive value, which helps weak children grow, and strengthen their kidney functions, and prevents frequent sickness.

Herb foods for children - Chong Myeong soup

It is the herb food that stabilizes the children’s mind, and has the efficacy of augmenting the brain development by increasing brain memory. It is also used to prevent dementia of the aged.

Herb foods for children - Usam soup

It is the herb food that enhances energy and strengthens bones and sinews, which is good for weak people suffering from illness for a long time.

Herb foods for children - Hwang Jung Pork Soup

It is efficient for children who are skinny, has consumptive fever, coughs often, has dry skin and has often thirst. It strengthens the spleen and the stomach and enhances the kidneys. It also fills energy and prevents aging, which are good for the aged too.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Checkered lily boiled pear preserved in honey

Checkered lily boiled pear preserved in honey

It is helpful for people who dry cough and have asthma symptoms, for people whose necks are swollen and have fever with pain, especially for children and the aged who have weak physical strength. It is a herb food good to illnesses not recovered for a long time and that appear continually.

Materials(for 4 people) | food ingredients : 1 pear, 100c of milk, 0.71oz ice sugar
Medicinal ingredients : 0.21oz checkered lily, 0.21oz of Euni mushroom, 0.21oz of apricot stone

Methods of cooking :
1. All ingredients are handled cleanly and prepared.
2. Take out the inner contents of the pear, and make the width of the peel 1cm to make it as a dish.
3. Put the rest of the ingredients into the sweet pumpkin
4. Put the above 3 into the germanium pottery, into the inner pot, and pour milk on them.
5. It is closed with the inner lid, and the body and the pressure lid is joined.

6. Choose <Nutritional Stew> in the menu, and start the <start> button.

Tip :
The pear which decreases fever and releases thirst removes phlegm and makes coughing stop. It is used as the main ingredient, and the chickered lily decreases fever, removes phlegm and enhances the lungs to stop the coughing.
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