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Virility soup herbs

Virility soup herbs

It strengthens the bones and sinews, improves the blood circulation, heals wounds and raises the metabolism to be healthy. It has the efficiency of making the kidneys virile, strengthens vitality and is good for heart disease. It stabilizes the mind and drives fatigue away, suitable for people with cold bodies.

Materials(for 4 people) | food ingredients : 7.05oz of cow’s tendons, 10.58oz of beef(abdomen), 10.58oz of potatoes, 10.58oz of carrots, 10.58oz of tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 gingers, 1 small spoon of salt, a little bit of natural seasoning, 1200cc of water
Medicinal ingredients : 4 sea horses
Dressing sauce : 1 big spoon of soy sauce, 2 big spoons of nicely aged soy sauce, 1 small spoon of sugar, 1 big spoon of powdered pepper, 1 small spoon of cut garlic, 1 small spoon of cut spicy pepper, 1 small spoon of ginger liquid, 1/2 of small spoon of pepper, 1 small spoon of sesame

Methods of cooking :
1. All ingredients are handled cleanly and prepared.
2. The prepared ingredients are put into the inner pot, and water is poured.
3. It is closed with the inner lid, and the body and the pressure lid is joined.
4. Choose <Nutritional soup> from the menu, and press the <start> button.

Note !
Depending on the symbols dressing sauce can be added

Tip :
Sea horses are good for people who have weak kidneys, people who urinate often and men whose sexual functions are declined. It is also for women who have cold uterus, and suffer from infertility and dystocia. It is helpful for people having internal injury. You May Like
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