Monday, 12 May 2014

The Grossest Things People Eat Around The World

#1 Rooster Testicles

Does a rooster still cock-a-doodle-do without his testicles? Who knows, but you might if you eat them.

#2 Deep Fried Battered Rat

We've all eaten fish and chips, so why not deep fried rat and chips? It's battered and cooked with the head on, in case there is any doubt when you are eating it as to what it is.

#3 Balut

Popular in the Philippines, balut is a fully developed duck embryo is boiled alive inside it's shell, then peeled and served. Best served with beer.

#4 Ant Eggs

Yep, ant's lay eggs and apparently their quite tasty. They are mixed with vegetables and rice and are considered a delicacy in some countries.

#5 Fried Chicken Feet

Fried chicken feet are a crunchy treat. It looks like it would taste like the burnt part of a chicken wing tip. Would you want to try it, to make sure?
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